BPE Development is committed to being a responsible and caring developer of properties where individuals will feel at home the moment they walk through our doors.

141 Hickson Ave. Kingston , ON K7K 2N7
(613) 507-9090

Kingston Anchors offers a large selection of anchoring solutions. When quality matters, people choose our products.

141 Hickson Ave. Kingston , ON K7K 2N7
(613) 549-2718

The Sanctuary is a beautiful building bursting with heritage charm, a one-of-a-kind shared workspace, and a modern and professional environment to grow your ideas.

221 Queen St. Kingston , ON K7L 2Y8
(613) 507-9090

Our goal is to provide a hassle free Real Estate experience for all of our clients. Each client and property is different, and we treat you and your home that way!

151 Clergy St. East Kingston , ON K7K 3S4
(613) 507-5551

We have extensive world class experience in machine design & build, machine performance optimization, and manufacturing. Our clients have included small to large regional, national and international corporations who strive to continually evolve, grow and prosper.

141 Hickson Ave. Kingston , ON K7K 2N7
(613) 507-7507

Kingston Steel and Fabrication is founded on years of experience in the construction and manufacturing industry as a subsidiary to BPE Group of Companies and with the plant located within Kingston Anchors.

141 Hickson Ave. Kingston , ON K7K 2N7
(613) 507-9090 x110

BPE Development strives to have a long-lasting, positive influence on the communities where we operate and on the people we employ. We believe that this goal is integral to our success as a company. By acting in a manner consistent with our corporate values, BPE Development will continue to seek opportunities to enrich and contribute positively to our global community. This commitment is expressed consistently in our actions through two main areas of focus.

141 Hickson Ave. Kingston , ON K7K 2N7
(613) 507-9116

A unique grocery experience coming to Downtown Kingston. Pick up responsibly sourced food, order a hot meal to go, or sit down and grab a bite to eat.

260 Princess St. Kingston , ON K7L 1B5
(613) 417-3331

Set in a gorgeous historic building that is both relaxing and inviting, our space is brought to life with sparkly gowns, lace, ribbon and of course the bride with her family and friends!

172 Ontario St, Unit 102 Kingston , ON K7L 2Y8
(613) 766-4000